Webinar description

Educational staff throughout the country have been commenting on the profound differences between life in school pre and post Covid.  Whilst some CYP actually benefited from not being at school in those years, there is clear evidence that numerous combining factors involved in not being in school for long periods has had adverse effects for many.   First perhaps amongst many issues, absenteeism, evidenced by the higher rates of emotionally based school non-attendance (EBSNA) and mental health difficulties in secondary provision. And at the other end of the age spectrum, children coming into Reception with speech and language difficulties, separation anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed both by so many other children and by learning.  These challenges present additional stressors for staff who have themselves been affected by the pandemic in diverse ways. 

Our webinar will provide a forum to share experiences, and crucially, to share effective, supportive practice and innovation in your context which might help other school staff (and parents and carers) in theirs.



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