Behaviour is communication!

40 behaviours - more than 450 approaches / actions to help pupils settle to learn!

The REACH2TEACH BIG (Behaviour Intervention Guide) APP gives all those working with children and adolescents in (and outside school) an Attachment Aware and Trauma Informed approach to some of the behaviours that crop up and challenge us all day, every day in schools of every shape, size and age range.  

Behaviour communicates … something.  What? 

The APP will guide you through the child's needs that might be driving their behaviour: give you insight into the potential attachment pattern associated with each behaviour: and provides a wide-range of instantly usable, highly practical approaches / actions all built on relationship with every pupil.   

Each behaviour is linked to others that might indicate the pupil has a particular attachment style: so you get more of a sense of what might be going on for them, and how to help, backed by sound, neuroscientifically based principles. 

Some of the strategies also suggest where you as the adult might need more support, and the need for all of us to better develop our capacity for reflection on needs, motivation and what support actually means in the creation of a healthy and safe environment where everyone can settle to learn.

Reach2Teach draws on Worth Publishing's unique reputation in schools for practical books on understanding behaviour.  All the interventions proposed are attachment aware and trauma informed, an approach underpinned by the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) research project published in the USA in 2014 and generally accepted as a sound evidence base in the UK.

Reach2Teach is a web APP (accessed via the internet) and is part of CourseWeDo's Attachment Aware Schools Collection® Once purchased you will have unlimited access.

Over 95% of people using the Reach2Teach BIG APP said they would recommend it to a friend or colleague

This BIG APP will enable:

  • Deeper understanding of the different insecure attachment styles that drive challenging behaviour
  • Increased confidence in applying Attachment Aware and Trauma Informed principles to managing challenging behaviour through a relational approach
  • More children and adolescents able to settle to learn, thus increasing the chance of raising standards for children with insecure attachment difficulties, and their peers
  • More peaceful and productive classrooms, less stressed teachers!
  • A school environment characterised by greater empathy, respect, attunement, and inclusion for all

You may have some of your own approaches / actions that you have found to be useful when working with children exhibiting certain behaviours, we would love to hear them. Email us at [email protected].

How the BIG APP works

All our online courses and APPS are available in bulk, please contact [email protected]

Reach2Teach: Action for Inclusion Tool (AFIT)

Reach2Teach also has an online inclusion tool. AFIT is an intuitive, easy to use, evidence-based assessment tool that helps identify what learning and relational needs may underlie a pupil's challenging behaviour or performance, and provides tried and tested successful strategies to enable a pupil to settle to learn too. AFIT records the impact of these strategies and correlates with SDQs.
Reach2Teach: Action for Inclusion Tool (AFIT)

What people thought of the Reach2Teach BIG APP

“What a fantastic resource. It is really clear, and something I will definitely keep referring too. It is straight forward and easy to use. Well done. I have not seen it in this format before.”

Head of Learning SupportHead of Learning Support

“The tool is good for supporting staff who do not know how to work with pupils who suffer from attachment and trauma - it's a good first step to improve quality first teaching. ”

Assistant Headteacher for InclusionAssistant Headteacher for Inclusion

“We liked it - a lot”


“I found the app extremely informative”

Music TherapistMusic Therapist

“Very useful”

Designated TeacherDesignated Teacher

“Useful for our Pastoral staff to support PD”


“A very succinct way of practicing trauma informed strategies. There's alot of information about attachment difficulties, however, how to apply these approaches in a secondary school that doesn't cost alot of money is not as common. Well done”

Not specifiedNot specified

“So good to have such a simple way to access such a lot of information and support”

Pastoral Manager - PrimaryPastoral Manager - Primary

“Thank you”

Teaching AssistantTeaching Assistant

“This is a useful APP for teaching professionals who work with children who have attachment difficulties; it is helpful in reinforcing that 'behaviour is communication'. I have completed the Level 6 Attachment Lead course (Louise Bomber) so found that this APP was a nice way of consolidating valuable information and recommendations for people working with children/young people who have experienced trauma and relational loss.”

SENCo and Designated LAC Teacher	SENCo and Designated LAC Teacher

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