Behaviour is communication!

36 behaviours - hundreds of approaches / actions to help your child thrive

The Reach4CARE BIG APP gives adoptive parents, foster carers and guardians of children and adolescents an Attachment Aware, Trauma Informed approach to some of the behavioural challenges which may arise at home, out and about, and at school

Behaviour communicates … something.  But what? 

  • This is a BIG APP which helps you think about the needs which might lie behind your child’s behaviour and ways of relating to people, activities and tasks
  • It gives you insight into their potential pattern of attachment and relationship, and helps you think about how to help them feel safe at home and at school
  • It provides a wide-range of instantly usable, highly practical ideas and approaches to try out, all building on your relationship with your child and sound, neuroscientifically based principles 

Reach4CARE (Communication, Attachment, Responsiveness, Empathy)

Behaviour is Communication

We all need secure Attachment relationships to thrive

Children need our Responsiveness to help them feel safe

Empathy, for children, other adults and ourselves, is key

Some of the suggestions may help you as your child’s parent or carer think about the kind of support you might need, and where to find it.  You’ll also find lots of ideas to share with your child’s school, helping you build an effective home-school partnership

Reach4CARE draws on Worth Publishing's unique reputation for practical books on understanding relationships and behaviour.  All the suggestions/actions proposed are attachment aware and trauma informed, an approach underpinned by the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) research project published in the USA in 2014 and generally accepted as a sound evidence base in the UK.

Reach4CARE is a web APP (accessed via the internet) Once purchased you will have unlimited access.

This APP will enable:

  • Deeper understanding of the different insecurities that may be driving your child’s behaviour
  • Increased confidence in parenting your child drawing on an attachment aware, trauma informed approach
  • More children and adolescents to be able to settle into and enjoy family life 
  • A more peaceful and happy home environment, less stressed parents and carers!
  • You as the parent or carer to build the home-school partnership, as a great way to enable your child to feel as safe in school as they do at home, and to thrive there

What people thought of the Reach4CARE BIG APP

“Lovely, easy to use app and very informative with great ideas to be used in schools and at home”


How the app works

All our online courses and Apps are available in bulk, please contact [email protected]

Reach2Teach: Action for Inclusion Tool (AFIT)

Reach2Teach also has an online inclusion tool. AFIT is an intuitive, easy to use, evidence-based assessment tool that helps identify what learning and relational needs may underlie a pupil's challenging behaviour or performance, and provides tried and tested successful strategies to enable a pupil to settle to learn too. AFIT records the impact of these strategies and correlates with SDQs.
Reach2Teach: Action for Inclusion Tool (AFIT)

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