Webinar description

To celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Meeting Dr Elaine Arnold - a lifetime of supporting those going through separation and loss

A rare opportunity to spend an hour in the company of Dr Elaine Arnold, whose extraordinary and unique career in education, social work, counselling, attachment, migration and culture, family separation and intergenerational trauma spans, amazingly, some seven decades.

The founder of Supporting Relationships and Families (SRF, formerly known as the Separation and Reunion Forum), and a former Director of Training (including Intercultural counselling) at NAFSIYAT and lecturer at The Bowlby Centre, she was recently cited by Integrative Arts Psychotherapist Anthea Benjamin in the BACP Journal (Oct 2021) as a major inspiration to herself as Black therapist - and in fact, to countless others. CourseWeDo is honoured to host our webinar with Dr Arnold, a genuine pioneer in both Trinidad & Tobago and the UK.  


“Please ask Dr Arnold to write an autobiography- her professional experience and history is outstanding.”

“Thank you so much to Elaine and all the panel, so fascinating and moving, I feel inspired to read and learn more about this. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for today - so inspiring ❤️”

“Thank you so much, this has been so good, what an honour.”

“Thank you so very much to all of you. Very helpful and insightful. Dr. Arnold: an inspiration!”

“Thank you it has been so interesting and helpful”