Course description

This module looks at how we respond to the impact of trauma – extending beyond the commonly recognised ‘fight flight freeze’ and integrating an understanding of how our unique secure and insecure attachment styles, laid down in our early years, can also contribute to our responses, helpfully or otherwise

You will have continual access to this course for 12 full months. 

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By taking this online course, you will:

  • Understand the stages of response and how progression from one to the next is not linear

  • Develop an understanding of why different individuals have different feeling responses to traumatic experiences

  • Understand the part anxiety plays in driving challenging behaviour after a traumatic event

  • Develop a stage-by-stage understanding of traumatic reactions and recovery

  • Identify and distinguish between different behaviours as indicative of fight flight or freeze reactions

  • Recognise the positive side of ‘fight’ and ‘flight’

  • Recognise other common responses, collective and individual, to crisis events – the ‘other F’s’

  • Understand the significance of underlying attachment patterns in our responses to crisis, in our pupils but also in ourselves as adults

  • Consider and validate our own approach to crisis, understanding our own underlying attachment patterns

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