Course description

This module will give you a deeper dive into the impact of different kinds of trauma, direct and indirect, and to sharpen your awareness of the various ways in which any and all of us may experience it, including those with previous experience of both trauma

You will have continual access to this course for 12 full months. 

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By taking this online course, you will:

  • Recognise key factors that determine the nature and impact of a crisis

  • Consider crisis events affecting individuals, groups and the whole school community

  • Recognise the potential for a different impact of crises on children who already have a high number of Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Consider resilience as a process, not a state

  • Recognise that the impact of trauma doesn’t all arrive at the same time for everyone, and that a trauma informed, ‘watchful waiting’ approach for all involved, pupils and adults, is important

  • Understand who may be affected by traumatic incidents

  • Understand the importance of not making assumptions about who is impacted, or how

  • Recognise the impact of uncertainty and learn how we can support others to find a way to tolerate it

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