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This introductory module will get you thinking about what resilience actually means, for yourself and your school.   Whilst it’s true that post-traumatic growth can be a reality for some, the best time to build resilience is before something happens.   The module offers practical ways to develop grounding and stability, so you can better able to help yourself and others, if something happens, from a place of security and calm.

You will have continual access to this course for 12 full months. 

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By taking this online course, you will:

  • Consider what we mean by a resilient school

  • Recognise that we need to do BEFORE things happen

  • Understand the stages of a crisis

  • Consider the importance of meeting the ripples of trauma with ripples of security, stability, thoughtfulness and hope, and what that may demand of us

  • Learn what is meant by ‘regulation’, ‘co-regulation’ and ‘dysregulation’

  • Understand the importance of being in a good state ourselves BEFORE crises happen

  • Learn practical strategies for grounding and stabilising ourselves

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