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When something challenging happens to an individual or group of people or to the whole school, it sends out what we can think of as ripples of trauma, disruption, dysregulation and distress.  

This course will help you understand the impact of those ripples, not only for those at the epicentre of a crisis, but also for those who may be positioned where different sets of ripples intersect, to help you think about how best to respond, individually and as a team.  The course focuses on attachment aware and trauma informed responses.  It develops resilience, and is strengths-based - starting from what works, affirming what you’re doing really well already, and hopefully provides more information and ideas for you to think about and work with to enhance your preparedness, confidence, and practice.  You will be better placed to contain the dysregulating, disrupting and distressing effects that challenging incidents and events create, and better able to meet the ripples of trauma with hope, compassion and stability.

You will have continual access to this course for 12 full months. 

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By taking this online course, you will:

  • How looking after ourselves when we think of trauma and crisis events is essential to be in a position to be able to help

  • How ripples of trauma spread out from an event, affecting individuals and groups in unexpected ways

  • How challenging events and crisis affect individuals and groups physiologically and psychologically, and how to help

  • How attachment styles can impact our ability to cope

  • How we now need to think beyond the 3 Fs - fight, flight and freeze in terms of shock reactions

  • How carrying on with regard to what has happened can provide containment and support in the early moments and days after an incident

  • How to notice signs that more specialist help is needed

  • The key building blocks of providing support

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How would you handle a crisis? Take our free quiz to find out. Click the 'FREE PREVIEW' button in the Course Curriculum section - Lesson 1 below.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Free trial - Quiz
  • 2
    Before you begin...
    • Reflective practice document
  • 3
    Module 1
    • Building resilience – Starting with ourselves
  • 4
    Module 2
    • How trauma comes to school and who is affected
  • 5
    Module 3
    • How do we respond when something awful happens?
  • 6
    Module 4
    • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • 7
    Module 5
    • What helps?
  • 8
    Module 6
    • Support, secondary trauma and vicarious resilience
  • 9
    • Resources
  • 10
    Keep on learning
    • You may also be interested in...
  • 11
    Before you go...
    • A quick survey

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