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This module looks in depth at creating an appropriate secure base and a springboard for asylum seeking children, and what, in this context, might really be meant by attachment aware, trauma informed practice for however long we work with a particular young person.  Key principles are identified along with questions designed to help  you think about your own setting what works, what could work better and when to refer on to specialists.   

You will have continual access to this course for 12 full months.

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By taking this online course, you will:

  • Consider key elements of attachment aware, trauma informed practice with asylum seeking children

  • Understand how to support asylum seeking children looking for family

  • Recognise the significance of secondary and tertiary attachment figures, the importance of child asylum seekers attaching to appropriate adults

  • Consider how to manage expectations, and offer warmth of welcome, trustworthiness, reliability and groundedness, as an individual or organisational secure base, promising little and delivering much in the interests of the child feeling they can settle and belong

  • Recognise the importance of congruence in how we work with each other around the child

  • Consider the role of attunement, empathy and responsiveness in our role alongside children seeking asylum, and recognise how hard transitions may be for them

  • Understand the importance of gently co-creating meaning alongside the child, to help them make sense of what has happened to them and their lives now, and make choices that work for them, through words or creative media

  • Recognise our importance as a secure base is that of springboard, encouraging and celebrating their efforts, growth, successes, resilience, and times of joy and fun

  • Knowledge of when and how to refer on to specialist agencies, including for post-traumatic stress symptoms, grief and mental health difficulties


  • Andrea Perry

    Andrea Perry

    Andrea Perry is an integrative psychotherapist, consultant and trainer specialising in attachment, loss and trauma, a former Chair of the British Association of Dramatherapists and Chair of Conference at the Centre for Child Mental Health. She has written three books on procrastination and claustrophobia, and edited many titles on attachment especially within the schools context. She has worked for the International Family Tracing Service of the British Red Cross, and is also involved with RefugeeTales (Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group) and other services for asylum seekers and refugees.

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