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Course description

  • Have you, or the children, young people or adults you work with, ever struggled with making choices? Are there some choices that seem no problem; but others that seem to create real difficulties for you or for them. Are you sometimes baffled at what blocks you, or mystified why a particular person seems almost incapable of making healthy or positive choices for themselves?

  • This course addresses an issue that often gets lost – what’s actually going on when we make the choices, small and large, that shape our lives. We’ll look at how attachment patterns underpin our world view, including how we see the choices we face; at how trauma can affect the creation of those patterns as well as our approach to decision making at conscious and unconscious levels.

  • The course will also provide understanding of how choice-making fits into whatever action we need or want to take, how blocks occur, and how this too can be viewed through the lens of attachment awareness. Finally, the course will provide a range of strategies to help you support yourself or the children, young people and adults you work with to broaden and build the capacity to make better choices.


Watch our video to find out what is on offer in this course and some useful background information into our own internal working model of the world, based on our experiences of attachment.


By taking this online course, you will:

  • Recognise how different attachment patterns affect choice-making

  • Learn how trauma can undermine choice-making skills, and affect future choices on a spectrum from risk-avoidance to risk-seeking behaviours

  • Understand the stages in which we undertake any action we need or want to do, and the relationship to choice

  • Recognise their own pattern of choice-making, and develop strategies to broaden and build these

  • Learn further strategies to help children, young people and adults build (or re-build) better choice-making skills, and the confidence to put them into real world action for effective change

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