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Course description

  • Marked at the outset back in 2005 with the publication of Dr Heather Geddes’ classic book ‘Attachment in the Classroom’, awareness of the significance of strong attachments for children in schools has been growing within the UK education system. This course is for school leaders at any point on the spectrum of ‘attachment awareness’, from ‘beginners’, to people who feel they have established the core concepts but want more, to those who feel their school is established as a secure base for pupils, but want t to make sure they are integrating attachment awareness throughout their leadership style. Because it’s widely recognised that school leaders set the tone for the entire school, and beyond it, into the community which surrounds it and its many stakeholders. Adopting attachment awareness as a lens for reviewing your own approach as well as that of your SLT, Mental Health Lead and governors will reap positive effects not only for your current cohort but across future generations.


By taking this online course, you will:

  • Why using an attachment lens is relevant for contemporary leadership: insight, opportunity and innovation

  • Key components of attachment, neuroscience, brain development and the links to learning

  • Leadership and attachment – key lessons

  • The impact of your attachment style, and how to broaden and build your effectiveness

  • Viewing behaviour through an attachment lens – leadership in action

  • Creating a culture of secure attachment

  • Leadership and management within the context of attachment

  • Attachment dynamics and the wider school community

  • Creating an individualised attachment aware Action Plan

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